LED Clip on Hat Light

Revolution in hands-free lights! Forget about heavy lamps weighing down your head or flashlights occupying your hands; this hat clip-on light will illuminate your way like no other

  • Unbeatable performance and functionality in one compact and lightweight product
  • Brightest LED lighting from 5 LED lamps
  • Hands-free model that clips on to any hat
  • Number one choice for outdoor activities or work in dark or dimmed areas
"Much better than regular flash light"
"If you want your hands free and still have a quality light, you can't go wrong with this one. It firmly holds on to the cap and lights up the whole area before your feet, making walks at night a lot more comfortable. "
"Great for plumbers and electricians "
"Working mostly in basements, dimmed small areas, having a portable light is a must for me and my colleagues. I prefer this model as it's very light and illuminates a great area, while I have my hands free to do repairs."
"Always with me on a hike"
"It's a great option for the outdoors, because it's compact, easy to pack and carry but of course, the best part is that you have your hands free! Gives just the light you need wherever you need i, follows you as you turn your head ."
"Now I can walk my 2 dogs at evening"
"Walking 2 big dogs is challenging enough but on the short winter days, the dog park and nearby woods were never an option. With this hat light, I can firmly keep them both on the leash while the light on my head illuminates our path "